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Our app offers a quick and simple solution for downloading Instagram videos, providing HD quality videos without watermarks.

Instagram Photo Download with Savinginsta

With thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram daily, many Instagrammers wish to save these posts to their personal computers. Savinginsta's Instagram photo downloader is here to meet this need, helping you save Instagram photos quickly. It's simple to use and allows for unlimited downloads. Savinginsta can assist you in downloading whatever posts you like on Instagram.

Savinginsta is an Instagram (IG) photo downloader that simplifies saving images from Instagram. It's completely free and safe. No software installation is required on your computer or mobile phone; you only need an Instagram photo link. The processing is done on our side, so you're just a click away from downloading images to your devices.

How do you save (Download) Instagram photos using SavingsInsta?

It's straightforward. Here's a detailed guide:

Step01: Find the Instagram post with your favorite image and get the link.
Step02: Go to the Savinginsta page and paste the link in the toolbar.
Step03: Click the Download button.

How to Instagram (Insta) Photo Download on iPhone

To download Instagram photos, your iPhone must be 6s or later (including 6s Plus).
Step01: Open Instagram on your iPhone, select the Instagram photo post you want to save, and copy the photo URL by clicking the three dots above the post.
copy the Instagram photo URL and paste
Step02: To download an Instagram photo, open Safari, and type in the website address for Instagram. Once you find the image you want to download, copy the photo's URL and paste it into Safari's address bar. Then press enter, and the picture should appear.
Step03: Click Download, then select a server to start saving the Instagram photo.

Our tool helps you download videos and images uploaded by your own account. We reserve the right to refuse service if our tools are used to infringe upon others' privacy and material.


What is an Instagram photo downloader?

It's a tool that supports downloading any Instagram photos or posts to your device. You can save Insta photos on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and iPhone.

Can I download Instagram Private Photos?

No, Savinginsta only supports saving Instagram photos from Public accounts.

Do I need to log in when saving Instagram photos?

No, you don't need to log in to your account. Our IG photo downloader is very safe.

Can I download Instagram photos from the website onto a computer?

Yes, you can easily download videos and photos to your computer. See also: Download from Insta on PC.

Can you download an Insta photo for Android?

Copy the post link, paste it into the box on our website, and save it. To download more information, go to Instagram on Android.

Where can I find the downloaded copy of my Instagram photo?

Videos are saved in Android Mobile and PC's "Downloads" folder.