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All features of Savinginsta.Com

Savinginsta is compatible with all varieties of Instagram video and image links.

Instagram video downloader

Savinginsta enables you to download your content from Instagram. It offers support for downloading both individual and multiple videos from Instagram.

Instagram video downloader
Instagram video downloader

Instagram photo downloader

Savinginsta's Instagram Photo Downloader makes saving any single or multiple photos, including collages, from Instagram effortless. This tool makes downloading individual post images or a collection of Instagram photos simple.

Instagram photo downloader
Instagram photo downloader

Download Instagram Reels

Savinginsta's Instagram Reels Downloader enables you to effortlessly download Reels videos from Instagram posts to your device, providing a simple solution where Instagram offers no support for this function.

Download Instagram Reels
Download Instagram Reels

IGTV downloader

Instagram stories offer a distinctive platform for users to share their daily experiences through photos and videos with a broad audience. Occasionally, you might wish to save a favorite story, but this functionality isn't available in the app. Keeping Instagram provides a solution that allows users to download and view Instagram stories offline. This way, your precious content will be recovered by a network connection.

IGTV downloader
IGTV downloader

Instagram Story Viewer

IGTV offers extended-length videos; if you cannot view them immediately, you can download these IGTV videos to your PC. It allows you to conveniently revisit and enjoy them later, even without an internet connection and eliminates concerns about the IGTV content being removed or unavailable.

Instagram Story Download
Instagram Story Download

Download with app Insta Downloader

Our app offers a quick and simple solution for downloading Instagram videos, providing HD quality videos without watermarks.


Savinginsta stands out as a top-tier Instagram downloader, expertly crafted to download high-quality content from Instagram swiftly. The Savinginsta downloader is a top third-party option for downloading Instagram content.

Instagram, renowned as the world's most popular photo-sharing app, witnesses the upload of millions of photos daily. For such moments, the necessity of an Instagram video downloader becomes evident, providing a seamless solution for your immediate needs. This tool is essential for efficiently preserving their favorite Instagram content.

Features of Savinginsta Instagram Video Downloader:

Download the Instagram video quickly and safely.
You have the option to sign out of your Instagram account.
You may download Instagram images and videos with just a button click.
Save and download photos and videos in their original high-resolution and quality.
From personal accounts, download and save Instagram videos.
High speed: Currently, Savinginsta offers the fastest download speeds.

How to save from IG using Savinginsta Instagram Downloader.

Note: Ensure the Instagram video or photo you wish to download is from a public account.
Step01: Copy the URL of Instagram Photos & Videos
On the Instagram App:
For iOS users: Tap to acquire the URL of the Instagram image.
For Android: Click above the post and select 'Copy the Instagram URL,' then hit 'Copy Share URL.'
On PC/Mac:
Right-click on the Instagram video or photo date and select "Copy Link Address" to download Instagram content on your desktop.
Step02: Paste the URL into
Go to Savinginsta, the dedicated Instagram downloader.
Copy and paste the copied URL into the given text field.
Step03: Initiate the Download
Click the "Download" button to start the Instagram video or photo download process.
Important Usage Information
Savinginsta primarily to download videos and images from your Instagram account.
Your privacy is our top concern, and we reserve the right to deny service if our tools are misused to violate someone else's privacy or to access unauthorized content.
Please read our full Terms of Service here to understand our policies comprehensively.


What's an Instagram Video Downloader?

It's a handy online tool for saving Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV content for later. Savinginsta is a top pick for easy Instagram content downloads.

Do I Need to Log into My Instagram Account to Use Savinginsta?

Nope, no login required. Savinginsta offers secure and anonymous Instagram downloads without needing any personal info.

Can I Save Videos Directly from Instagram?

Instagram doesn't allow direct downloads from your feed or others' stories. But Savinginsta provides a simple workaround. Just head to their website at and follow the easy steps.

Is Savinginsta's Instagram Video & Photo Download Service Free?

It's free! Feel free to download as much as you desire without any restrictions.

Can I Download Content from Private Instagram Accounts?

Yes, Savinginsta lets you download videos, stories, and photos from private accounts. Check out their platform for detailed instructions.

Can I Save Instagram Stories?

Absolutely! With Savinginsta, you have the power to view and download any Instagram story at your fingertips. Just click on the story's three dots (⁝), copy the link, and paste it into Savinginsta to begin the download.

Does Savinginsta Work on Computers?

Savinginsta works perfectly on PCs, allowing you to download Instagram videos, photos, stories, and more straight to your computer.

Can I Use Savinginsta on Android Devices to Download from Instagram?

Android users can copy the Instagram post link, paste it into Savinginsta, and save it away. For more details, check out their guide on downloading from Instagram on Android.

How Do I Download Instagram Videos and Photos on iPhone/iPad (iOS)?

Savinginsta has a step-by-step guide for downloading videos to your iPhone or iPad. Just follow this link: Download Instagram Videos on iPhone.